Board Members & Staff

The advisory board for ESC consists of 5 members:

  • Theresa Singleton, YWCA
  • Don Gered, Director of Justice, Crossroads Community Church
  • Jessica Donohue-Dioh, Founder and Interim Coordinator of ESC
  • Adolf Olivas
  • Pamela Matson, FBI

The role of the advisory board is to provide direction and oversight to the overall management of the coalition through quarterly meetings and e-mail correspondences. The coordinator manages the day to day running of the coalition, while the advisory board provides direction and approval of projects/initiatives, as well as identifies potential conflicts of interest, and approves potential funding, press releases, and media pieces. The advisory board also interviews new coordinator candidates and makes final decisions on all hires whether volunteer or employee.

The YWCA of Greater Cincinnati is the fiscal agent for ESC and provides the necessary documentation, legal status, financial statements, financial records, and payroll management for any funds received or available to ESC. The YWCA also provides office space for ESC staff and volunteers.